Our Kitchen

Lunch Varieties

Bento Sets

A form of Japanese meal with Japanese style foods. This menu is usually served for lunch. Its main feature is simple, economical, served with entrée, main dish, and soup. It is very practical for lunch meal full of nutrients foods. Besides, Wagyu Fun will also make the most menus adjustments to the dishes according to the seasons.

Dinner Varieties

Korean BBQ Buffet

Trends in culinary world are never ending! Includes our Wagyu Fun Korean BBQ All you can eat Buffet with self service and affordable price. At Wagyu Fun Korean BBQ Buffet there are 16 various types of premium Wagyu beef that you can enjoy with wrapped veggies, side dishes, salads and deserts. All the premium meats are freshly serve everyday. Unlike most BBQ dishes, besides Wagyu beefs, there are also some other range of meats and seafoods for you to enjoy.